Publishing: Today and Tomorrow

The modern world gives opportunities to every person who is not afraid of exploring possibilities. Just try to imagine if ancient people did not find ways in improving the world. They may probably living in the state of mediocrity where success is something hard to achieve. Everyone can expect to live in a world of full of fun. It is good to know that they have made all the efforts and even the scientist behind their brilliant inventions to improved people’s lives. The widespread sharing of information was even the best reason why people were highly informed about the world. Did you know that information was spread because of the process called publishing?

Exploring the world of publishing

Publishing is the way where the production and distribution process of information, music or literature happens. This is the best way in making tons of information to be highly available for public use. Originally, this term states the dissemination of books and other printed works like newspaper. There will be series of stages that need to go through in order for the information to be published.

Identified below are some of the required processes in obtaining publishing:

  • Development
  • Acquisition
  • Copy editing
  • Graphic design
  • Production
  • Printing
  • Marketing and distribution

Today, this process has expanded the digital way. The best examples are eBooks, websites, blogs, periodicals, video game publishers and many more. Sometimes authors can also become publishers of their own works. Considering this idea simply means that they are not just the creator of this specific content but they are also the ones who will provide media and will publish it for the public. The term “publisher” may refer to person who heads or owns a magazine or the one who is the head of a company. As long as he/she is the one who provides an opportunity to enable the people to have this information, they are part of publishing industry.

With these, there are two categories:

Paid publishers – this is also known as vanity publishing that refers to the author who needs to meet overall expense for his book to be able to be published. He has also the right in setting up his book’s marketing policies.

Non-paid publishers – as the term suggests, this is define as the publication houses that totally do not charge the author just to get its book to be published.

The legal side of publishing

Everyone knows about the law that protects the publishing rights or every author and a publication house. It is for sure that you have heard about news about a person or a company who has been sued because of committing a fault in delivering or copying others work. Therefore, whether on print or online, copying or reproducing any information without the author’s consent is considered as a crime. There is an appropriate punishment given to those who will commit such thing. In view of this, let’s view the legal concept behind every publication:

There is a difference in terms protection for both unpublished and published works in the light of copyright purposes.
To claim defamation, it is essential to precondition the suspected libel and if it is already published.
Publication should be the way of providing to the world only formal notice with important intention.

There are still more to learn about publication and the process that your work should go through to be published. If you are thinking of publishing your own work, you must learn more and more in this industry.

How will your work be published?

Well, the answer to this question will greatly be answered by the process of publishing. Magazine and newspaper publishers have their own ways of reproducing copies of their works. If a certain work is independently submitted by writers or it is “unsolicited submission” to the publisher, this is then placed to the slush pile where selection of quality work is being done by acquisition editors. The chosen one is then submitted to editorial staff to see whether it can also be included on works to be published.

As for financial considerations, there are larger companies that have set very high standards on this kind of work that are unsolicited. That is why it is only one out of ten authors who was just lucky to see his works in published magazines or other reading materials. If it is about having a written book to be published, they must not to allow any unsolicited submission to be published by their company. This is their policy; they will only have it through the help of a literary agent. It is already lessens the burden of developing writers and even assessing for every work that were submitted for publishing.

Viewing publishing as a business

Publishing is not just any other business that you can easily establish and stop when you have no longer funds. At the very beginning, you will need to spend for a book to be created, produced and distributed where it should not surpass the profit gain from your total sales. That is so costly yet fruitful also if you handle properly this kind of business. Did you know that it is already the leading industry in the business world? Well, with the large companies that have reached their global operations, you can actually tell that this business will never be out in this industry.

Again, on this business, the publisher is still the one who takes control of marketing tasks, advertising and other works regarding this. Well, the distribution comes handy with the determined salespeople. That is why books are seen and sold on various outlets like retail stores, bookshops and many more. As sales are trending, the company is sure to survive years in publication industries.

Aside from the information given above, there is also an idea about private publishing. This kind of publishing allows the author to publish his or her work independently. However, the risky thing about this is to have poor distribution and marketing appeal may sometimes become unknown to the public. But don’t worry about it, if you have the passion of doing it, just work on for the best and you will see that one day your work will be published and will be known in any part of the world.